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Theatre for Reform

Glasshouse is committed to sharing unheard stories and championing theatre which starts a direct, honest dialogue with its audiences. They are turning their experiences as frontline key workers into an opportunity for audiences to witness worlds that are often repressed and unseen; worlds like prison, court and the Criminal Justice System. These conversations are now, more than ever, essential to society rebuilding and reimagining how it treats its most neglected.



Harriet and Ella have been working together for 6 years as theatre makers, workshop facilitators and most recently as full-time Prison Officers. In 2017 they joined a graduate scheme through which they worked as full-time Prison Officers whilst studying a Masters degree in rehabilitation.

The uniqueness of their partnership rests in their frontline experiences in the Criminal Justice System, coupled with a dedication to theatre as a tool for social change. Their work now specialises in the use of theatre as a therapeutic tool to educate others and critically examine social injustice. Their debut, autobiographical play 'Cell Outs' will centre their company at the intersection of criminal justice and theatre.

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Based in South London

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