Fresh from university, two graduates join ‘Breakthrough’ - a new scheme which would place them in some of the country’s most violent, overpopulated prisons. The prospect of a meaningful job with the chance to help society's most disadvantaged is irresistible to two millenials with high hopes and humanities degrees. But the realities of life as a Prison Officer isn't all it seems. It doesn't take long for their bright-eyed optimism to degenerate into brutalisation and burn-out.

Follow the true experiences of two young women, as they stare down the injustices of the UK prison system, and grapple with the effects of power and privilege. Honest and uncompromising, ‘Cell Outs’ deals with the reality of incarceration and voices stories that are not being told. It tells the truth of what Prison Officers face, prisoners endure, and the effect this has on human nature.

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